Monday, April 19, 2010

R685 Week 14 Podcasting

This week's Breeze session focused on using podcasts in an English as Second Language class in a university in Tokyo. The professor shared her tactics and asked the R685 class for ideas for using podcasts in other learning scenarios. It was an excellent discussion.

I continue to be impressed with the quality of the Breeze sessions. Not only is the content timely, very appropriate to the class, the forms delivered are truly narrowing the gap between face to face and virtual. Video of the presenters is useful because it personalizes the meeting. Note the laughs shown in the attached picture above. Audio remains clear and with no time delay.
I also believe I'm seeing evidence of the value of a technical steward, in this case it has been Seolim. Her work has helped stabilize each meetings' presentation, guest speaker connectivity plus she keeps an eye on participants questions. I think this role is a value-add to virtual meetings and one I'll attempt to incorporate in my future web-based meetings, particularly when there is collaboration planned.

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  1. Steve - I saw the latest version of 'Breeze' at the eLearning convension and it continues to impress me as well. I remember when I first started the IST program in '07 there were time delays and just a general lag and what seemed like slow streaming. I like that its super easy to use too.