Sunday, April 25, 2010

R685 Week 15 Networks of personalized learning

I was looking for a final word to add to my blog for the semester this morning. It's not easy to sum up a semester filled with so many outstanding learning moments. A final word is a hard thing to do.

I suppose the final word is that there isn't a final word.

As our class syllabus listed this week as networks of personalized learning, I realize that fits my journey this morning. I opened Google and selected blog. I was going to reach my blog this way but instead was stopped by several items that caught my eye.
  • The Hubble space satelite was one that's at the top of this blog. I opened the link and learned something about time/distance. It mentioned that someone might be looking at us and what they would be seeing today was what the Earth looked like at 5940 BC.
  • I found Dr. Bonk's blog and was reminded of the Breeze session we had with Stephen Downes.
  • I went to Stephen Downes blog next.

I suppose my point is that I've learned about learning this semester using the web as a window to a immense source of information, knowledge and collaboration. I did not know this in January, but am beginning to understand now. Thanks Dr. Bonk.

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  1. Steve,
    Nice job! Just like your insightful posts in the discussion forums in class, your blog is equally interesting. If you continue your blog I will be watching :)